Rome has an enchantment of its own, so much history with amazing architecture and arts to prove it. DSC_0185DSC_0218(Wearing: H&M sweater, J Brand denim, Tory Burch booties, Chanel bag) DSC_0217My neck hurt by the end of the day by gazing at the marvelous ceilings in the Vatican City. 
DSC_0261DSC_0254DSC_0323Michelangelo was a true genius

DSC_0283Even when you look down you spot more creativeness. DSC_0244

DSC_0306DSC_0239I may not be very religious but I have to say I was undoubtably honored by attending a Mass given by Pope Francis. Whether you are Catholic or not, it’s safe to say Pope Francis is one of the kindest role models in our lifetime. DSC_0497

DSC_0592(Wearing: Dolce Vita blouse, Hudson denim, Tory Burch bag, Tom Ford sunglasses)



I’ve always enjoyed visiting Venice but on our first night this time around I realized why they call it the City of Water. It had been raining and when we we’re on our way to our hotel we had to cross the Piazza San Marco, the challenge was it was flooded! The only way across was through unstable wood boards, with our luggage. Luckily we all got across uninjured including grandma. I wish I had taken a picture of it, because we laugh about it now.

   The next day the flooding was gone, and we got to explore this beautiful city. DSC_0917DSC_1008DSC_1017This was my first time visiting Scuola Grande di San Rocco and I was in love with its beauty. DSC_0054DSC_0009Gondola rides are always a must.
DSC_0118(Wearing: All Saints coat, Nasty Gal sweater, Hudson denim, Tory Burch booties)



Florence is a beautiful city, just by walking around you can feel why Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance. DSC_0694

This is me after having woken up from our plane from Paris. DSC_0690

Mom and I still looking tired from our travels but ready for shopping. DSC_0801DSC_0804DSC_088411116183_10155431145695375_519904624_nDSC_0720DSC_0851(Wearing: Elie Tahari cardigan, Banana Republic shirt, JBrand denim, Tory Burch booties, Cristhelen B. bag)DSC_0873