Missing Milan

Fashion week coverage of Milan has me reminiscing about my time there. I miss it very much although the hot weather had me huffing and puffing (as seen below) however, I wouldn’t have changed my time there for anything in the world.
DSC_0109I believe it’s also obligatory that the Duomo will take your breath away every time you see it.
IMG_6041One of the worlds oldest malls will too,DSC_0104and well, mirror selfies are always a must.
IMG_4888IMG_4886 DSC_0114 IMG_5094 IMG_5073 The showroom we had access to from NABA had me going gaga over EVERYTHING! IMG_5109 DSC_0121 DSC_0127 IMG_5173 IMG_5123 IMG_5166 DSC_0140 IMG_5188 Going for aperitivo in Milano is like no where else. DSC_0142 DSC_0160Fairytale land 
DSC_0170 DSC_0171 DSC_0181DSC_0570DSC_0558DSC_0574DSC_0551


What I knew of London from previous visits was it was the hometown of pea coats and trenches,  but this time around I went  during a special few sunny weeks. Sunny London means people are extra cheerful and pleasant.DSC_0762 DSC_0767 DSC_0771IMG_3956DSC_0768Who wouldnt fall in love with Notting Hill. The feel here is like no other, the buildings amazingly picturesque. DSC_0785DSC_0780DSC_0821IMG_4069 DSC_0817
DSC_0801The apartment or flat I was staying in was a constan source of inspiration. IMG_3966IMG_3967IMG_3972My balcony sunset <3 IMG_4129Central Saint Martins is in Kings Cross, meaning I was staying in Camden town, which has a charm of its own. IMG_4703
IMG_4057IMG_4162 DSC_0017IMG_4164IMG_4052Lots of street art in honor of the Queen of Camden, Amy Winehouse 
IMG_4214 IMG_4215 Vintage finds IMG_4194IMG_4191IMG_4199Magazine shops in London is every fashionistas heaven. IMG_4207
IMG_4213IMG_4211While in Soho why not get my hair cut, trim highly needed. IMG_4794Come back to Camden for market selfies. IMG_4819Park life in London is amazing, especially when it’s sunny. Having picnics and swimming in the pond was so much fun. IMG_4354IMG_4327 DSC_0070 DSC_0072 IMG_4416 Gotta have me some of them fish n’ chips, or else it’s not London town. DSC_0079Going back to class was always something to look forward to. IMG_4486 Taking a coffee/tea break at school had never been this cute before. IMG_4085Even though I had sunny beautiful days in London, lets be realistic and of course it had to rain at least one day which is equally as beautiful. IMG_4570IMG_4543IMG_4554IMG_4538IMG_4579

Central Saint Martins

Over the summer I took a Fashion Styling and Image Creation course which required studying in two cities, London and Milan. The university in London was Central Saint Martins, which was a dream come true to attend this school. Alumni such as Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Stella McCartney, and Zac Posen, made me feel honored to be here.

Being at  Central Saint Martins was a constant awe of the fashion inspiration in this school. We got to work with amazing tutors, Leigh Keily editor of JON Magazine,  Kristine Kilty fashion editor of Fault Magazine, Dan Blake editorial stylist, who i will always cherish their advice and knowledge.
IMG_4098Outside the school on a weekend, watching Wimbolden match and Pimms doesnt get much more British than this. IMG_3942The boat vendors had the most precious jewels and books right on the canal. DSC_0894DSC_1015The popsicles were another plus! DSC_1028Got great tips from hair / make up artist Evan Huang. DSC_0837 Gotta love rooftop parties on campus.
DSC_1059DSC_1073DSC_1109DSC_1080DSC_1106DSC_0005We had a project in which we had a day to customize a piece from unexpected items.DSC_0956_2I used stainless steal scouring pads, cut them apart, glued them to hair clips to make funky hair extensions. I painted a black rubber spike necklace and made a headband out of it. Used a Camden vintage plaid skirt as a top, with Camden market earrings. Leigh_UAL_0921Endijs_EngelisEndijs_EngelisEndijs_Engelis_Shirley Selfies with our tutor Leigh were a must. 
IMG_4671 Alongside three other classmates we worked on a group project in which we mixed feminine touches to menswear. IMG_4627 One of my favorite touches was the pearl used as a cuff link. 
CSM-Styling-0529I had an amazing learning and lifetime experience at Central Saint Martins, I already miss it.