What I knew of London from previous visits was it was the hometown of pea coats and trenches,  but this time around I went  during a special few sunny weeks. Sunny London means people are extra cheerful and pleasant.DSC_0762 DSC_0767 DSC_0771IMG_3956DSC_0768Who wouldnt fall in love with Notting Hill. The feel here is like no other, the buildings amazingly picturesque. DSC_0785DSC_0780DSC_0821IMG_4069 DSC_0817
DSC_0801The apartment or flat I was staying in was a constan source of inspiration. IMG_3966IMG_3967IMG_3972My balcony sunset <3 IMG_4129Central Saint Martins is in Kings Cross, meaning I was staying in Camden town, which has a charm of its own. IMG_4703
IMG_4057IMG_4162 DSC_0017IMG_4164IMG_4052Lots of street art in honor of the Queen of Camden, Amy Winehouse 
IMG_4214 IMG_4215 Vintage finds IMG_4194IMG_4191IMG_4199Magazine shops in London is every fashionistas heaven. IMG_4207
IMG_4213IMG_4211While in Soho why not get my hair cut, trim highly needed. IMG_4794Come back to Camden for market selfies. IMG_4819Park life in London is amazing, especially when it’s sunny. Having picnics and swimming in the pond was so much fun. IMG_4354IMG_4327 DSC_0070 DSC_0072 IMG_4416 Gotta have me some of them fish n’ chips, or else it’s not London town. DSC_0079Going back to class was always something to look forward to. IMG_4486 Taking a coffee/tea break at school had never been this cute before. IMG_4085Even though I had sunny beautiful days in London, lets be realistic and of course it had to rain at least one day which is equally as beautiful. IMG_4570IMG_4543IMG_4554IMG_4538IMG_4579